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Room Addition Types & Tips

June 30, 2016

Room Addition Types & Tips

Room additions aren’t usually considered as remodeling, when in fact they are. You cannot just add a new construction at the side of your house and call it a home addition. Home addition should blend in with the old, match your needs in terms of design and space, be worth your money, and more importantly, make you happy. Therefore, you should take home additions as seriously as you would take new constructions. You need to find something that works for you. You also need to get expert advice when it comes to room addition and new construction choices for easy integration. So what should you do?

The dos

First, you will need to find an architect for your home addition. A lot of people tend to go straight to builders. An architect will help you get a design of the new construction that fits right into the house and feels like part of the original construction.

You then need to find the precise home addition type you’re looking for and get more information on it. This is important because the type of room addition will determine different costs.  Example, it will determine the cost of both materials and labor required for the new construction. You will also need to know the time you will invest for your new home addition.  Therefore you need to know exactly which type of new construction you want to add to your old house. In doing this, it is recommended you look up a number of choices for your home addition. This will help you compare all options in terms of cost and sizes against each other.

It is estimated that it will typically cost an average of $25,000 to $50,000 to make a bedroom addition. If there are ways of cutting down on these costs without compromising the quality, then by all means, go for it. For example, making a room addition within the existing footprints of your home such as the basement is more cost friendly as compared to room additions at subsequent floors.

The don’ts

Homeowner’s make certain mistakes when making room additions. These mistakes often come back to bite them in future.

Don’t rush. The first mistake homeowners often make is rushing a new construction. If you don’t consider all your options and pick the best, the result may be catastrophic. You may end up delaying the new construction or add costs to your budget. Be sure to have all your thoughts in line. Do not rush to get started. First understand exactly what you want before undertaking any home addition. Once the new construction commence, be patient and don’t rush it despite the excitement to see your new home addition completed.

Don’t spend more than you’re willing on your new construction. The second mistake is overspending. If you have a budget, try as much as possible to stick to it. Spending too much on home additions, even on small parts, is likely to translate into cost gaps. This means your home additions taking longer than anticipated. The quality of the new room addition may also be compromised. Therefore, spend cautiously.

Finally, do not get the new construction design wrong. If you go into home additions without properly thinking the designs through, you might end up with a lump of a room fixed on your otherwise good-looking house. Be sure to get a room addition design that blends in with your original house and one that complements it.



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